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The Royal Deputation is the collegial, consultative organ of the Order, with which the Grand Master or the Grand Prefect may consult on questions or problems of particular importance. The Royal Deputation: gives advice and suggestions on the general organization of the civil and religious works in conformity with the Finality of the Order; proposes eventual modifications of the Statutes to the Grand Master” (Article II of the Statutes of the Constantinian Order). Article III of the same statutes then provides that: “For the transactions of urgent affairs, a Council of Presidency is constituted within the Royal Deputation, composed of the High Officers, the President and the Secretary.” Finally, Article IV and Article V regulate the functions of the President of the Royal Deputation: “The functions of the President of the Royal Deputation, by the express will of the Grand Master, are: To convene the meetings and to preside over the proceedings; To see to the execution of the decisions made ” and “In the event of the absence or impediment of the President, the senior Vice President shall assume his responsibilities. ”

Royal Deputation

Grand Prefect

  • H.R.H. Princess Beatrice of Bourbon Two Sicilies

Grand Prior

  • His Eminence Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino

Grand Chancellor

  • H.E. Prince Don Francesco Ruspoli, Prince of Cerveteri

Grand Treasurer

  • H.E. Don Gian Carlo dei Principi Rocco di Torrepadula

President of the Royal Deputation

  • H.R.H. Prince Casimiro of Bourbon Two Sicilies

Vice President of the Royal Deputation

  • H.I.H. Prince Napoleon


  • H.R.H. Princess Anna of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • H.R.H. Prince Francesco of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • H.R.H. Prince Gennaro of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • H.R.H. Prince Luigi Alfonso of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • H.R.H. Prince Alessandro Enrico of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • H.R.H. Prince Laurent of Belgium
  • H.I.R.H. ArchDuke Martino d’Asburgo d’Este
  • H.E. Amb. Sforza Marescotto Ruspoli
  • H.S.H. Prince and Duke Pierre d’Arenberg
  • H.S.H. Prince Charles Henri de Lobkowicz
  • H.E. Francisco de Asis Gonzalez de Regueral y de la Roza, Grandee of Spain
  • Baron Francesco Sanseverino di Marcellinara
  • Count Raffaele Leonetti di Santo Janni
  • Prince Piero Colonna di Paliano
  • H.E. Anthony Bailey
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